About the club

Cowden in the Community (SCIO) SC050887

Cowdenbeath FC was founded as a community club and recognises its duty to the local area. As such the Stadiums location in the centre of town makes it a focal point within the town and the club utilise the stadium and the club resources to sustain and encourage community cohesion and the health and wellbeing of its citizens. In April 2021, the Club formed a Charity, The Central Park Community Trust to deliver its sessions and programmes. Operating as Cowden in the Community, it delivers sessions and programmes for all ages and also is in partnership with Blue Brazil Football Club to support competitive football for boys and girls in the Cowdenbeath area.

Upcoming initiatives are advertised on the main Club News page and further details of our regular activities can be found on our Facebook and X pages @CowdenCommunity 


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